Cling Wrapping Fully Automatic
Cling Wrapping Fully Automatic

This Fully Automatic is the very easy to operate. This compact automatic cling wrapping machine.

  • retailer, supermarkets, warehouse/club, convenience stores, cash & carry, butcher shops, delicatessens, health food shops, speciality food stores, fast food, bar, pub;
  • restaurants, in-flight caterers, hospitals, hotels, stadiums, nursing homes, military bases;
  • meat processors, seafood processors, dried fruits, produce suppliers, dairy, commissaries, sandwich producer, large scale kitchens, pasta and sausage factories, farms.

Product Description


  • Completely re-engineerized
  • Frame and components made of Stainless Steel and antioxidant materials, hygienic and easy to clean
  • New design ABS self-extinguishable bodywork
  • New stainless AISI 304 steel machine head supporting structure
  • New front and rear roller structure which allows a rapid change of the dragging belts once worn out
  • PMMA transparent head cover
  • Anti-overcurrent safety device
  • Double magnets for closing and security
  • Adjustable hot wire film cutter
  • Sealing plate temperature adjustment
  • Film reduction for small products
  • Cold film cut with suitable blade
  • Mechanical system of security for operator and product
  • Easy reset with reset push botton
  • Optimisation of the film quantity
  • Easy user interface modality
  • Digital display with 3 numbers
  • Three customisable programs
  • Counterpieces & countdown


  • Package in 3 easy steps:
    Place the tray on the hot plate
    Pull the lid down
    Remove the packed item
  • New system to keep the product steady in packaging phase
  • Save in quantity of film used
  • Reduction of wasted film


  • Wraps most of the trays available on the market
  • Easy adjustment and maintenance
  • Possibility to change the film tension on the tray directly from the control board
  • Material used: LLDPE, PE, food grade PVC with thickness 8 – 40 micron


  • Eliminated skilled labours
  • Frequent changes in staff will not affect productivity
  • Minimum physical effort and reduction of the iterative movements


  • No film cutters at sight, no way for the operator to get injured
  • No smoke emission during cutting of film
  • No more carpal tunnel disease


Power supply V 100/115/220V
Useful basin dimensions mm Min.130x90x10 – Max. 270x200x145
Max film roll dimensions (diameter) mm 200
Machine dimensions mm 700x730x515
Machine weight (Net/Gross) kg 63,5


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