Cling Wrapping Top Lid Technology

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    Cling Wrapping Top Lid Technology

    The Topseal technology is a peculiar packaging system that allows the “sealing” of a tray with a thin film. It can be applied to trays and films both in plastic material and in aluminum.

    Topseal series machines manufactured by Gruppo Fabbri allow gas exchange both in vacuum and in a patented flushing system.  With the same machine it is therefore possible to pack using the protective atmosphere, as well as the tray-sealing and the vacuum.

    Product Description

    Features and strength points

    • Productivity from 26 to 100 packs/min
    • Manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel
    • Coloured monitor touch screen
    • Machine functionality remote control
    • Simple to use and reduced running costs.
    • Extremely flexible and with reduced gas and power consumptions
    • Reliable and with productive output that can satisfy also large sized packing centres requirements; flexible and simple to use in GDO too.

    Available models

    1 Top Lid
    1 X5