Genesis HS 50/2
Genesis HS 50/2

Automatic stretch wrapping machine with rotating ring and twin film carriages to wrap pallet loads with stretch film designed for use in industry sectors that require very high production capacities.

By fitting a second film carriage the load can be wrapped at very high speed without increasing the rotation speed of the ring assembly – thus extending the working life of the equipment and reducing the rotational “stress” on the load itself.

The main feature of Genesis HS series stretch wrapping machines is the unique system which, during ring rotation, produces its own power to drive the film pre-stretch rollers. This technical and internationally patented solution can operate without sliding electrical contacts, minimising maintenance costs since the problems of contact wear and sparks are fully eliminated, and can be used in dusty and humid environments.

Product Description

Since wrapping is performed on a static pallet, maximum ring rotation speed can be used without the risk of any part of load being dislodged, even with lightweight and unstable products.

Thanks to the cantilever design of the support structure, Genesis HS pallet stretch wrapping machines can be easily installed into existing pallet conveyor lines.

Genesis HS 50/2 is ideal for an output capacity up to 150 loads/h depending on line speed and the total number of revolutions of film required.


The Rotating ring is a precision engineered component guaranteed to work at maximum speed. The smooth running of the ring assembly extends the working life of the parts in motion. Drive to the ring is created by a high resistance flat belt which is both very durable and extremely quiet in operation.

Rotation speed, acceleration and deceleration is controlled by a frequency inverter futher extending the working life of the equipment.

Interconnected double chain arrangement mounted on a robust 4 column steel frame guarantees synchronous vertical movement of the ring assembly – Anti drop mechanisms are fitted as standard in the unlikely event of chain failure.

Ring lift/lowering speed is controlled by frequency inverter.

Pneumatically driven clamp unit with hot wire film cut that also includes a film tail welding device as standard.

TOP INSIDE device to cover the pallet with polyethylene film.
Film is dispensed using a patented system that unwinds the correct amount of film, optimising consumption and perfectly centring the top sheet over the pallet.

Film dispense and deposit occur without reducing machine production capacity.

Device that reduces the film strip into a “rope” to ensure more efficient load stabilisation by making the load and pallet a single homogenous unit.

Film is gathered from above or below in the single movement version while it is grouped at the centre in the dual cylinder version.


The new automatic film reel change (ARC 2) uses two carriages located locally to the rotating ring and within the machine’s safety guards, once the reel is finished on the pre-stretch carriage, it automatically expels the core and fits a new reel. The reel change unit is then reloaded by an operator without stopping the machine.

This new device extends the duty cycle of the machine and results in higher production capacity.

The automatic reel change assembly can be provided as a single or double unit as required.

HS 50/2 HS 50/2 T.I
A 1800 mm 1800 mm
B 2200 mm 2500 mm
C 4000 mm 4300 mm
D 7540 mm 7540 mm
E 3000 mm 3000 mm
F 1560 mm 1560 mm
G 3000 mm 3000 mm
H 4774 mm 4774 mm
I 500 mm 500 mm
L 2300 mm 2300 mm
Pallet dimensions (*) 800×1200 mm 800×1200 mm
Ring speed 50 Rpm 50 Rpm
Max output capacity 150 Pallet/h 150 Pallet/h
Standard power supply 400/50 V/Hz 400/50 V/Hz
Power installed 17.0 Kw 18.0 Kw
Air pressure 6±1 Bar 6±1 Bar
Air consumption 250 Nl/min 350 Nl/min
(*) Possibility of stretch wrapping half and quarter pallet.


STD Min pallet dimensions 600 x 800 mm
STD Max pallet dimensions 1000 x 1300 mm
STD pallet height 2000 mm

Technical drawings of this machine are available ON REQUEST.

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