Rotoplat Dw 507 Pds
Rotoplat Dw 507 Pds

Stretch wrapping turntable dedicated to doors, windows and other finished and semi-finished products in this manufacturing industry

Product Description


ROTOPLAT DW 507 PDS –Doors and Windows stretch wrapping machine
Carriages PDS: Carriage with double power pre-stretch system
Machine Characteristics
Plate diameter 1800 mm
Turntable rotation speed: 4-12 rpm
Forklifting Front and Rear
Power supply voltage 230 Volt 1 Ph – 50/60 Hz
Installed power 1.3 kW
Pre-stretch ratio: 0-250%


Phase stopping (+/-20 mm)
Soft start STD
Characteristics of the product to be wrapped
Maximum dimensions (LxW) 1800 x 380 mm
Maximum useful height: 2800 mm
Minimum useful height: 1050 mm
Maximum load weight: 100 kg
Film spool characteristics
Max. external diameter (D): 300 mm
Film spool height (h): 500 mm
Film thickness: 17-35 µm
Internal diameter (d): 76 mm
Max. weight: 20 kg



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