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    Skin Packing Machine

    The DTB skin packing machine has been engineered and designed for trouble free, efficient operation. With its cantilevered film frame and film roll carrier, the DTB is ready for front loading. A balanced infrared reflector oven with industrial tubular elements provides the fastest film heating cycle available.

    The film heating and frame cycles are automatically controlled by a solid state timer that is adjustable to precisely match your product, skin card, and film requirements for optimum results. Manual overrides for the automatic cycle permit the flexibility for samples, short runs, and intermixing products of varying heights.

    The equipment is engineered to withstand rugged, continuous production use with a minimum of maintenance. The DTB is an excellent choice for energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. Years of production and engineering improvements have given the equipment a reputation for reliability, operating simplicity, and durability.

    Product Description


    • Display packing items on to card for point of sale display with high clarity Surlyn film.
    • Can be used for transit skin packing using corrugated board and polythene based skin film.
    • Boards can be manually cut to size by knife
    • Sample skin packs can be produced using your products.
    • Suitable for use with environmentally friendly “Peel Away” peelable skin pack board.

    Available Models

    Model      DTB-390 DTB-540
    Power Supply 380V,50/60Hz,3PH,7.5Kw 380V,50/60Hz,3PH,12Kw
    Working surface 390 X 540mm 540 X 780mm
    Packing speed 50 ~ 60h 50 ~ 60h
    Widths of film 450mm 600mm
    Machine  Size (LXWXH) 1500×600×1350mm 1740×750×1350mm
    Net Weight 135Kg 195Kg