Spiror HP 400
Spiror HP 400

SPIROR automatic orbital wrapping machines are the ideal solution for wrapping stretch film on all kinds of products. These high-output machines can be used to wrap extruded alluminium or plastic articles, shaped wood sections, textiles and carpets, lamps and a host of other products. Stretch film wrapping ensures perfect tightness, preserve products from damages and is the economically winnig choice. The double reel SPIROR DR versions boost productivity to unprecedented levels, consolidating ROBOPAC’s worldwide leadership in its field. All SPIROR machines are manufactured following criteria based on safety, sturdiness, functionality and user-friendliness. Thanks to their automatic winding, clamping and cutting systems, SPIROR machines are ideal candidates for use as in-line machines and as fully-automated work stations.

SPIROR DR wrapping machines are equipped with a double reel ring. This feature allows very high productivity rates in horizontal stretch film wrapping and places SPIROR machines at the top of their category.

Product Description



SPIROR machines are equipped with single-cast aluminium ring to ensure maximum wrapping precision and continuity during rotation. The turntable is mounted on ball bearings that guarantee the greatest reliability and stability over time.


The reel holder assembly is equipped with a fast-acting coupling to mount and release the reel, facilitating the operator’s work and minimizing idle time.


Clamp and cutting unit has been tested through simulations and in real conditions in order to provide the maximum efficiency and performances. The clamp and cut unit in the 300 Spiror machine is based on a hook and blade device while for the rest of the Spiror family machines (SEE PHOTO) it relies on a scissor like clamping unit and a rotating blade device.

The Pneumatic pressures ensure the vertical stability of the products during the wrapping process. The coating material, (nylon, PVC, polyurethane) can be changed as an option according to the product to be processed

Touch screen control panel. The Spiror and Spiror DR families feature a user friendly touch screen panel that allows to select all the machine functions very easily. The menu and sub menu based interface makes the operator’s job quicker by following step by step the stretch wrapping process. The machine electronic equippment allows versitily and expansion.


SPIROR HP DR 400 – Double Roll Horizontal orbital automatic wrapping machine
Machine Characteristics
Ring rotation speed: 220 rpm
Belt driven ring rotation STD
Spool holder with frictioned roller STD
Pneumatic cold clamping/cutting unit STD
L=500 mm two rubber and two zinc plated infeed and outfeed conveyors OPT
Infeed and outfeed rollers side guides OPT
Infeed and outfeed pressors OPT
Variable conveyor speed 20÷80 m/1′
Compressed air consumption: 20 NL/cycle
Power supply voltage: 400 V. 3Ph +N- 50/60 Hz
Installed power: 2.5 KW
Machine weight STD
Film spool characteristics
Max. external diameter (D): 300 mm
Film spool height (h): 125-250 mm
Film thickness: 17-50 µm
Internal diameter (d): 76 mm (50 mm on request)


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