Wrap Around Shrink Wrapper – Green Star
Wrap Around Shrink Wrapper – Green Star

[email protected] is the most advanced series of machines currently found on the heat shrink film packaging machine market.
“Top Level” electronic [email protected] machine management allows high production performance.

[email protected] series machines are designed for easy operator use. In fact, the touch screen panel can be used to control all machine parameters and production statistics, manage and modify sizes and integrally control tunnel temperatures.

[email protected] machines are prepared for connection to a centralised production data management network. The maximum monitoring level can be reached via modem (option) to permit problem diagnosis, program settings and up-grades.

[email protected] machines are available in the unique frame version and in the modular frame version (option), for single line and for double line (BIG).

Product Description

Suitable For The Following Products

Bottles (P.E.T. / GLASS / HDPE)
Pots (P.E.T. / GLASS / HDPE)

Single line

Double line

Technical Specifications

BLUE [email protected]È

GREEN [email protected]
45 PPM 40+40 PPM
Overall length mm 10500 10500 12810 10500 10500 12810
inches 413.4 413.4 504.3 413.4 413.4 504.3
Machine width
(+main electrical cabinet)
mm 1200 (+ 585 1600 (+ 585)
inches 47.2 (+ 23) 63 (+ 23)
Working height mm 1070 – 1365 1070 – 1365
inches 42.1 – 53.7 42.1 – 53.7
Total power kW 78 79 83 85
Air consumption Nl/min 100 100
Air pressure BAR 6 6


Control by photocells for correct product position and for minimum product accumulation in each lane, control for the fallen product.Alternate separation system composed by a mesh belt driven by a servomotor to allow automatic the size change through the operator panel. An upper rubber conveyor, synchronised with the product, stabilize the products during separation.



After the collation of the products into the required configuration, the block of the products is transferred to couple with the tray or the pad. The group is complete with plastic lateral guide rails in order to obtain a perfect products compacting. The group is equipped with torque limiter that safeguards the bars group from eventual accidental stops.


BLANK PICK-UP  (only “T” version and “P” version)

The blank is picked up by a rotating arm with suckers from the magasine. The suckers use the vacuum pump. The blanks stand on a conveyor driven with a step-by-step motion. The picked up blank is put on a chain conveyor and then coupled with the product.


TRAY FORMATION (only “T” version)

The tray is erected in continuous by wrap-around system. The first flap is folded with the arrival of the front teeth of the chain; during the way, the blank is coupled with the product. The back flap is folded by the rear teeth of the chain. Then there is the folding of the front lateral flaps with fixed contrasts while the back ones are folded by folders driven by a mechanical contrast. At this point the glue is applied on the side flaps which, while advancing in continuous motion, are folded by a pneumatic cam. Finally, the lateral flaps are lift to couple with the already glued flaps to complete the tray.



The film reel are placed on two pneumatic expanding shafts. The system is complete with manual sealer for film splicing. Film is kept constantly in tension thanks to a pneumatic compensation group. The film reel are disk braking, with direct action on the expanding shafts in order to allow the correct film tension at the beginning or at the end of the roll. The group is equipped with antistatic bars to eliminate electrostatic charges.



Cutting group with rotating shaft driven by a friction brake group. Film unwinding and thrusting driven by servomotors. The group is equipped with pneumatic input for rollers opening, in order to allow an easier film insertion. The upper belt has a tilt opening which allows the full inspection of the cutting group, the blade replacement or the complete cleaning of the group.



Film transport bars are fixed on a rotary support only on one side to allow a full accessibility to the wrapping group. Simple manual adjustments with digital counters allow to wrap a wide range of packs without any parts replacement. Also this group is equipped with torque limiter to safeguard from eventual accidental stops.



  1. Products go on a mesh belt driven by rubber rollers.
  2. The belt tensioning is kept constant by a damper weight placed on the last part of the tunnel.
  3. The tunnel is equipped with external adjustment to optimise the air flows according to the pack configuration. Manual device to empty the tunnel when no voltage is supplied.
  4. Cooling fan placed at the end of the tunnel to force the beginning of the shrink.
  5. Lateral panels can be dismantled for resistances replacement.

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