Carton Erectors
Carton Erectors

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    Carton Flap Folding | Pack Station

    Durapak’s Premium Carton Erectors for all your Packaging Needs

    Durapak’s carton erectors are automated packaging machines that efficiently assemble cartons from flat sheets and fold the carton flaps. We offer a wide range of carton erector machines suited for various production needs. Our machines feature state-of-the-art servo motors and PLC controls for precise folding and forming of carton blanks at high speeds.

    Carton erector machines are vital to automated packaging and help businesses reduce costs while maintaining high-quality standards. Our machines fold and form cartons in a horizontal or vertical orientation with speeds of up to 60 cartons per minute. We also custom-design carton erectors tailored to unique specifications.

    Durapak’s carton erectors deliver maximum uptime and efficiency through stringent quality control procedures. Our team of automation experts ensure optimal performance through installation, operational training and after-sales support.


    What are the key features of Durapak carton erector machines?

    Our machines are engineered for optimal efficiency, ensuring seamless and rapid taping of cartons. They cater to various applications, from small businesses to large industries. Durapak prioritises durability, building machines to withstand rigorous usage.

    How efficient are Durapak carton erectors?

    Durapak carton erectors are engineered for maximum efficiency. Their precision engineering and cutting-edge technology allow for seamless and rapid taping of cartons. This efficiency enhances packaging workflows for businesses.

    What industries do Durapak carton erectors serve?

    Durapak machines cater to e-commerce, manufacturing, and distribution industries. Their versatile design enhances packaging processes across sectors. Whether a small business or a large corporation, Durapak has a solution to upgrade your packaging.

    What is Durapak's expertise in carton erectors?

    As experienced manufacturers for decades, Durapak brings expertise to the table. Their machines result from continuous innovation and a deep understanding of packaging needs. Durapak works closely with clients to ensure custom solutions perfectly meet goals.

    How can I get in touch with Durapak?

    To transform your business’s packaging efficiency, contact Durapak today. As a trusted manufacturer and supplier in India, they can explore customising a carton erector machine to your specific requirements and applications.