Strapping Machine in India
Strapping Machine in India

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    Strapping Machines: What are they, and how do they work?

    A strapping machine typically wraps a plastic (PP or PET) strapping band around a single item or a pallet of stacked goods for shipping or handling. Heat, friction, and ultrasonic welding are a few techniques for keeping the belt in place.

    Strapping machines, also called banding machines, are essential in many sectors for various uses.

    Strapping machines are mechanical devices that apply and secure straps around packages or bundles of items. The basic components of a strapping machine include a feeder mechanism, a tensioner, a sealer, and a cutter.

    • The feeder mechanism is responsible for threading the strap through the machine. This can be done manually or automatically, depending on the type of machine. Some machines use a combination of rollers and guides to feed the strap, while others use a motor-driven feeder mechanism to pull the strap through the machine.
    • The tensioner is responsible for tightening the strap to a specified tension. This ensures that the package is securely held in place. The tensioner can be manual adjustment or automatically controlled by a servo motor. Pneumatic or mechanical tensioning methods can also be used.
    • The sealer is responsible for heating and sealing the strap. This creates a strong bond that holds the strap securely in place. The sealer can be a heating element, an ultrasonic welder, or a mechanical sealer.
    • The cutter is responsible for cutting the strap to the appropriate length. This can be done manually or automatically, depending on the type of machine. Some machines use a blade or scissors to cut the strap, while others use a motor-driven cutter mechanism.

    Durapak is one of the leading automatic strapping machine manufacturers in India and has been the forerunner of strapping machines in India for the last 20 years.

    Types of Strapping Machines

    When it comes to strapping machines, there are two main types. They are semi-automatic and automatic machines.

    • Semi-automatic strapping machines: Semi-automatic strapping machines usually work best for lower-volume strapping applications and partially rely on human help.
    • Semi-automated machinery is perfect for banding or strapping fewer boxes or pallets that are too small in volume to require a fully automatic solution.
    • Automatic strapping machines: With the use of precise parts, a variety of sensors, and software, fully automatic strapping machines can be handled entirely without the use of human interaction.
    • These automated systems can quickly strap tens to hundreds of items in minutes, making them perfect for strapping large volumes of products.

    Durapak- One of the best strapping machine suppliers in India

    Durapak is an automatic strapping machine manufacturer in India that works with businesses of all shapes, sizes, and types. Our machines will customise your product wrapping according to your specifications and needs.

    In the packaging sector, strapping machines are frequently used for various applications, including food and beverage, consumer goods, newspapers, and commercial products.

    At Durapak, we have one of the best strapping machines in India that make your processes easier, more efficient, and more reliable. Name an industry, and our strapping machines will strap the products for you!

    Durapak is also one of India’s leading strapping machine dealers of Packway Taiwan’s world-class packaging machines.

    Why Choose Durapak’s Strapping Machines?

    Durapak offers one of the best strapping machines in India for industries of all sizes and shapes. Here are a few reasons why you must choose Durapak as the strapping machine supplier for your business:

    • High-quality equipment: At Durapak, all our machines are high-quality and offer long-lasting and effective results for all industries and products.
    • Competitive pricing: If you are looking for high-quality equipment at an affordable price, Durapak is the one for you. Durapak offers competitive pricing for its strapping machines.
    • International clientele: Durapak is one of the country’s leading strapping suppliers in India. We cater to clients worldwide and offer strapping and packing solutions for all types of businesses.
    • Customisation: Durapak offers a wide range of strapping machines that can be customised to suit your specific packaging needs fully.
    • After-sales service: Durapak provides excellent after-sales service, including installation, training, and maintenance support for their strapping machines.


    What are the maintenance requirements for a strapping machine?

    Regular lubrication, cleaning, adjustment, belt replacement, electrical maintenance, regular inspection and operator training are some of the common maintenance requirements for a strapping machine.

    Are there any safety precautions to be taken when using a strapping machine?

    Yes, when using a strapping machine, safety precautions should be taken, such as wearing protective gear, keeping loose clothing and hair tied back, and avoiding any contact with the machine’s moving parts.

    Is it possible to customise a strapping machine for specific packaging needs?

    Yes, it is possible to customise a strapping machine for specific packaging needs by adding various options and accessories such as conveyors, special feeders, and packaging sensors.

    How does the noise level of a strapping machine compare to other packaging equipment?

    The noise level of a strapping machine can vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer, but generally, it is considered to be relatively loud compared to other packaging equipment, such as shrink wrappers or vacuum sealers.

    What is the difference between automatic pallet strapping, automatic strapping machine, and semi-auto strapping?

    Automatic pallet strapping, automatic strapping machines, and semi-auto strapping are all types of strapping machines, but the main difference between them is the level of automation. An automatic pallet strapper is the most automated, a semi-auto strapper requires manual labour, and an automatic strapping machine is between both.