Protective Packaging Machines in India
Protective Packaging Machines in India

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    Protective Packaging Solutions by Durapak

    Automated solutions tailored to safeguard and maintain the security and quality of your products during shipping

    Welcome to Durapak, your go-to destination for advanced protective packaging solutions. We understand that the journey from manufacturing facilities to end-users can be long and challenging, with several potential hazards that can damage the products during transportation.

    To mitigate these risks, we have developed air and paper-based packing solutions that provide unparalleled protection and preservation for your items. Our automated processes and advanced technology further enhance our packaging solutions’ quality and consistency, ensuring that your items are always shipped in superior condition.

    At Durapak, we offer some of the best protective packaging in Chennai. We have been the leading protective packaging machine manufacturer for the last two decades. Trust us to deliver reliable, cost-effective, sustainable packaging solutions that meet your business needs!

    Why Protective Packaging from Durapak: Key Features


    Our protective packaging machines can protect a wide range of products, from delicate electronic devices to heavy machinery and everything in between.


    With our advanced technology and automated processes, our machines deliver consistent and reliable protective packaging solutions that meet your business needs.


    We are committed to sustainability and offer eco-friendly protective packaging solutions made from recyclable materials that minimise waste.


    Our protective packaging machines are designed to safeguard your products during shipping, providing reliable protection against impact, vibration and other hazards.


    Our machines are efficient and easy to use, reducing the time and effort required for packaging while ensuring maximum protection for your items.

    Types of Protective Packaging Machines at Durapak

    • Paper

    Paper protective packaging is the industry standard for sustainable, recyclable, and biodegradable void-fill options. A semi-automated or fully automated paper packaging machine will improve packaging station ergonomics, increase warehouse efficiencies, and help reduce costs.

    Our kraft paper is versatile, allowing users to create custom-fit protective packaging that is simple and ideal for all in-box protective packaging applications. They have been developed through automation, keeping working comfort in mind.

    • Air

    It is a void-filling mechanism that inflates upon demand. This air pillow technique is quick, simple, light, and compact. Businesses can customise their platform for packaging processes of any size using the void-fill method.

    At Durapak, we have three types of air packaging machines: Air void-fill cushions, air void-fill bubbles, and air void-fill bags, each of them designed to suit your different packaging needs.

    Choose Durapak’s efficient and innovative protective packaging solutions!

    Durapak is the leader in the paper void-filling industry, delivering a wide range of intelligent packaging solutions. Our paper forms practical, cost-effective paper padding around your products during transport and storage.

    As one of the industry’s best protective packaging machine suppliers, we offer a variety of machine configurations, adjustable features, and add-on components for our paper forms, allowing you to customise the machinery to your packing demands and create the most efficient production processes.


    1. How many types of packaging machines are there?

    The most popular packing equipment includes shrink tunnels, pallet wrappers, case erectors, sealers, carded packaging machines, and form, fill, and seal machines.

    2. What are the three types of packaging?

    There are three types of packaging: primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary packaging is the kind of packaging that comes in direct contact with your product, while secondary packaging is the packaging material used to protect your product by bundling them together.

    3. What is protective packaging material?

    Protective packaging supplies are items created to protect and safeguard a product from possible damage or destruction during shipping or storage.

    4. What is the benefit of protective packaging?

    Protective packaging aims to transport a product from one point to the other safely and undamaged. This is the ultimate reason suppliers use the best protective packaging possible.