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    High efficiency and high capacity magazine are combined to produce a compact and tight carton. The first OCME packaging machine model dates back to 1964, since then OCME has started a process of study, development and continuous improvement.

    Product Description

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    • The wrap-around system is a carton packer which wraps a flat carton blank around the products, and seals the pack with hotmelt glue.
    • Thanks to this system, a single machine can reach a production speed of 100 cartons per minute, world’s fastest wrap-around cartoning machine.
    • OCME wrap-around carton packers are able to package many types of containers (plastic, glass, round, square, oval, triangular, etc.) and focus on high efficiency and high productivity installations, destined to various product sectors such as edible oil, lube oil and beverage.
    • Designers have paid particular attention to the processing of the containers to avoid breaking or damaging and ensure the highest quality level of the processed product.
    • Thanks to its flexibility, Altair offers the possibility of creating innovative and diversified packs.
    • Altair is capable of packing easy-to-open cartons, trays and many other special and functional types of packs. Furthermore, Altair can process a wide range of cartons, from typical corrugated cardboards even to very thin kraftboards.
    • In addition, OCME’s whole range of wrap-around packers offer the possibility to process trays.
    • All models are designed to insert partitions – traditional or pre-formed – as an option.