Stretch Wrapping Machine In India

Stretch Wrapping Machine In India

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    What are Stretch Wrapping Machines?

    A stretch wrap machine is a piece of machinery that automatically wraps stretch film around products. This keeps the products safe and secure.

    The main functions of a stretch wrapping machine are to make products easier to transport in bulk and to protect individual products from damage during shipping so that they arrive at their destination unharmed.

    Although pallet loads and other products can be stretch wrapped by hand, machines are more efficient, dependable, and accurate.

    Durapak is one of the leading stretch wrapping machine manufacturers and has been the forerunner of stretch wrapping machines in India for the last 20 years.

    Our stretch wrappers are the best load containment machines since they use the least amount of stretch film while functioning flawlessly. Through the use of high-quality stretch films and wrapping techniques, our machines maintain the stability of your high-load confinement on the pallet securely.

    Different Types of Stretch Wrapping Machines

    These are the two main types of stretch wrapping machines that we offer at Durapak:

    1. Vertical Stretch Wrapping Machines

    Vertical stretch wrapping machines are designed to wrap pallets of products that are standing upright. The machine rotates the pallet while simultaneously wrapping stretch film around it, securing the products in place.

    This type of machine is typically used for pallets that are tall or have irregular shapes.

    Under vertical stretch wrapping machines, there are three types of machines:

    • Semi-automatic machines: At Durapak, we have battery-operated robots, turntables, and arm/straddle wrapping machines under this category.
    • Automatic machines: These machines have no conveyors and the process of film attachment and film cut-off are automatic.
    • Fully automatic machines: These machines come with conveyors and the machine automatically wraps the pallet with stretch film, secures the end of the film, and then discharges the wrapped pallet.

    Fully automatic machines at Durapak:
    – Turntable machine
    – Arm/straddle wrapper
    – Ring wrapper

    2. Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machines

    • Horizontal stretch wrapping machines are designed to wrap products that are moving on conveyor belts. As the products move on the belt, the machine wraps the stretch film around the products.
    • Based on the level of human intervention, the horizontal stretch wrapping machines are also classified into semi-automatic, automatic, and fully automatic machines.

    Both vertical and horizontal stretch wrapping machines have adjustable film tension and stretch settings, allowing for customization based on the type of product being packaged. They also have safety features to prevent accidents during operations.

    Benefits of Using a Stretch Wrapping Machine

    Stretch wrapping machines offer several advantages for packing and storing products, including,

    • Increased safety: Stretch wrapping machines ensure increased safety for both products and employees. They hold the products together firmly and keep them safe from other external factors. Automatic machines also reduce the risk of wear-and-tear injuries in manual stretch wrapping.
    • Convenient for irregular pallets: It might be difficult to stretch wrap products in tall and irregular pallets manually. Due to this, many stretch wrapping machines are designed to address these particular issues.
    • Faster and more efficient packaging: Using a stretch wrapping machine for all your bulk packaging needs guarantees consistency in the stretch and efficiency of your product wrapping.
    • Cost reduction: Stretch wrappers cut down on labour costs, excessive film use, and worker health expenses. Overall, they lower expenses while contributing to revenue growth.

    Which Industry Uses Stretch Wrapping Machines?

    Stretch wrapping machines in India make an incredible contribution to the food and beverage industry as they are widely used for packaging frozen foods, seafood, bakery goods, snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and many other products.

    However, it has been observed that the need for stretch wrappers is gradually shifting toward essential pharmaceutical packaging requirements.

    Efficient and Durable Stretch Wrapping Machines at Durapak

    Durapak is a stretch wrapping machine supplier that works with businesses of all shapes, sizes, and types. Our machines will customise your product wrapping according to your specifications and needs.

    The main functions of a stretch wrapping machine are to make products easier to transport in bulk and to protect individual products from damage during shipping so that they arrive at their destination unharmed.

    At Durapak, we have one of the best wrapping machines that make your processes easier, more efficient, and more reliable. Our stretch wrapping machines are the best load containment machines that work seamlessly with minimum usage of stretch film. They keep your high-load containment secure on the pallet through our high-quality stretch films and wrapping techniques.

    Name an industry, and our automatic stretch wrapping machines will wrap the products for you!

    Durapak is also one of India’s leading stretch wrapping machine dealers of Robopac’s world-class packaging machines.


    What is the price of stretch wrapping equipment?

    The price of equipment depends on a lot of factors like the type and function of the machine and your requirements.

    What are the types of automatic stretch wrapping machines?

    There are 4 types of automatic stretch film wrapping machines that are commonly used in India. They are- Turntable wrapping machine, Straddle Wrapper, Ringer/Orbital Wrapper and Ring Straddle Wrapper.

    How does stretch wrap work?

    Packages or objects are secured together or protected by wrapping them tightly with stretch film. This type of film is commonly used to secure loads on a pallet for transportation or storage and is available in a range of speciality options.

    How long does a stretch wrap last?

    Stretch wrapping machines usually last up to 10 months to 1 year after you have used them on your products. How you pack and store them is also important, as improperly storing films can lead to many problems, including mechanical failure, poorly packaged goods, downtime, repairs, and other unfavourable factors.

    Are stretch wraps waterproof?

    Stretch wrap, as its name implies, stretches when pulled. Although it doesn’t provide a completely airtight barrier, it still does a decent job of keeping the contents of a package together. However, it may not fully protect the crate from elements such as moisture, dirt, or dust.