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    Quality Consumables from Durapak to Optimize Packaging Machine Productivity

    Consumables are a vital part of any protective packaging solution. As a leading distributor of packaging machinery and materials, we ensure our customers have reliable access to high-quality consumables that keep their operations running smoothly.

    Our consumables include a wide selection of stretch film rollers, stretch wrap films, shrink packaging films, strapping, tape, paper, polyolefin shrink film rolls, and air pillow films optimised for different packaging needs. These materials work seamlessly with our machines to provide robust protection during shipping and storage.

    As the largest protective packaging distributor in India, we leverage our extensive supply chain experience to keep consumables readily available. Customers benefit from reliable, just-in-time deliveries and competitive pricing.

    With Durapak, you gain a reliable single-source partner for all your protective packaging machinery and material requirements. Our integrated solutions enhance workflow efficiency while protecting your products every step of the way.


    What film types and sizes do you carry?

    We stock various types and sizes of stretch film and shrink film to meet different packaging needs. This includes hand film rolls, machine film rolls, polyolefin shrink film, etc., in multiple widths and lengths.

    How can I get a quote for packaging supplies?

    You can contact one of our representatives to discuss your packaging requirements. They will provide a customised quote and help select the right consumables for your business needs.

    What industries do you typically serve?

    We work with a wide range of industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, industrial goods, and more. Our versatile range of consumables can suit the packaging needs of most manufacturing and production facilities.