Shrink Wrapping Machine in India
Shrink Wrapping Machine in India

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    What is a shrink-wrapping machine?

    A shrink-wrapping machine is a machine that is used for packing products by enclosing them in shrink-wrap film. Shrink wrap is a thin plastic film heated to shrink tightly around the product, providing a secure and tamper-evident seal.

    Shrink-wrapping machines help shrink the goods to avoid space and weight constraints during logistics.

    Durapak is one of the leading shrink wrapping machine suppliers and has been a forerunner in shrink-wrapping machines in India for the last two decades. The machines include Semi Auto–Sleeve Wrapper, Mono–Sleeve Wrapper, L sealer and Tunnel, and Chamber Type.

    Shrink wrapping machines come in various sizes and types to suit different packaging needs.

    Some common types of shrink wrapping machine in India include:

    • L-bar sealers: These machines seal one or more products in a single layer of shrink-wrap film. The film is sealed along the edges, and heat is applied to shrink the film around the product.
    • Tunnel shrink-wrap machines: These machines seal and shrink-wrap multiple products at once. The products are placed on a conveyor belt and are passed through a tunnel where heat is applied to shrink the film around the products.
    • Automatic shrink-wrap machines: These machines automatically wrap and seal products in shrink-wrap film. They are typically used for high-volume packaging operations and can handle various product sizes and shapes.

    Shrink wrapping machines are commonly used in various industries, including Food Packing and beverage, healthcare, and retail.They are used for Protective Packaging products for shipping, storage, and display.

    Shrink wrap machines offer several advantages for packaging products, including:

    1. Cost-effective: Shrink wrap is a relatively inexpensive packaging material compared to other options, such as boxes and containers. Using a shrink wrap machine can also help to reduce labour costs by automating the packaging process.
    2. Tamper-evident: Shrink wrap provides a tight, secure seal around the product, making it difficult to tamper with the contents of the package. This can be beneficial for products that need to be protected from tampering or contamination.
    3. Versatility: Shrink wrap can pack various products, including irregularly shaped items. Shrink wrap machines are also available in different sizes and types to suit different packaging needs.
    4. Durability: Shrink wrap is a strong and durable material that can protect products from damage during shipping and storage. It is resistant to moisture, dust, and other contaminants.
    5. Customisation: Shrink wrap can be printed with branding and other information, allowing for custom packaging that promotes your products and brand.
    6. Environmental benefits: Shrink wrap is a lightweight material that takes up less landfill space than other packaging options. It can also be recycled, reducing the overall environmental impact of packaging.

    Why choose Durapak Shrink wrapping machines?

    1. Quality: Durapak is known for producing high-quality shrink-wrap machines that are reliable and durable.
    2. Customisation: Durapak offers a range of shrink-wrap machines that can be customised to suit your specific packaging needs.
    3. After-sales service: Durapak provides excellent after-sales service, including installation, training, and maintenance support for their shrink-wrap machines.
    4. Wide range of products: Durapak offers a wide range of shrink-wrap machines, including L-bar sealers, tunnel shrink-wrap machines, and automatic shrink-wrap machines. This allows you to choose the best machine for your packaging needs.
    5. Competitive pricing: Durapak offers competitive pricing for its shrink-wrap machines, making them an attractive option for businesses looking for high-quality equipment at an affordable price.
    6. International Clientele: Durapak is one of the country’s leading shrink wrapping machine exporters. We cater to clients from all over the world and offer wrapping and packing solutions for all types of businesses.

    Why Durapak is the best shrink wrapping machine supplier?

    The automatic shrink wrappers are effectively used for packaged water, soft drink, and other PET bottles. Bottle shrink-wrapping machine is very important in the bottle market. An Indian producer of shrink wrap machines offers the user numerous customisation.

    Durapak is a shrink-wrapping machine dealer that helps industries of all shapes, sizes and types. Our machines adapt their products to the customer’s needs. It aids the food industry because you can store any food of your choice ranging from pizzas to french fries. This could be used by cosmetic industries to package cold-pressed soaps too.

    We are a shrink wrapping machine manufacturer with machines that offer packing solutions to all industries. Name an industry, and our automatic Shrink wrapping machines will wrap those products for you.

    Shrink Film for Shrink-packaging at Durapak

    Durapak’s new generation of shrink films, DuraShrink, can be utilised in various industries, including printing, notebooks, toys, automobiles, retail, and food & beverages.

    The essential features are incredibly cost-effective with excellent quality.


    How do you shrink-wrap at home?
    Products should be placed into shrink-wrap bags before the open end of the plastic is sealed. Once the bag is closed, warm it with the heat gun to make it shrink and fit the products inside.
    How do you shrink-wrap without a machine?

    You can use a heat gun to shrink the items without a machine. A heat gun looks like a hairdryer, but it heats the film more uniformly. Make passes over the sealed bag from a distance of several inches. The film will immediately respond to heat by rapidly shrinking to the precise size of the encapsulated object.

    What material is used to shrink-wrap?

    Polyolefin is the shrink wrap most frequently used in shrink-wrapping machines. There are numerous thicknesses, clarities, strengths, and shrink ratios available. PVC, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, and several other materials are used to make other shrink films. A leading Automatic shrink-wrapping machine manufacturer in India, Durapak provides a specific type of shrink-wrapping film called the DuraShrink.

    What is the best shrink wrap?

    Polyolefin shrink film is a premium choice because of its superior toughness and adaptability. It is a polymer that the FDA has designated as food-safe and it has replaced PVC in numerous applications. DuraShrink is a Polyolefin shrink film by Durapak, a leading Mobile shrink-wrapping machine manufacturer in India.

    What is the strongest shrink wrap?

    A premium option due to its better toughness and versatility is polyolefin shrink film, is a polymer that the FDA has deemed safe for use in food applications, and it has taken the place of PVC in many applications. DuraShrink is a Polyolefin shrink film made by Durapak, one of the top manufacturers of mobile shrink-wrapping equipment in India.