Skin Packaging Machine in India
Skin Packaging Machine in India

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    Maximizing Freshness and Minimizing Waste with Durapak Skin Packaging Machines

    Skin packaging machines from Durapak ensure optimal product protection and presentation. These automated systems form a skin-tight, transparent barrier around each product or product group using film. This process, called skin packaging, creates a hermetically sealed wrap that shields contents from oxygen, moisture, microbes and damage while allowing visibility for marketing.

    Skin packaging is an advanced packaging technique suitable for a variety of perishable and non-perishable goods. At Durapak, our skin packaging machines are designed for industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, personal care and more.

    The machines form an easy-peel, tamper-evident seal of ultra-thin film tightly around irregularly shaped products or multi-packs with precision. This maintains freshness and extends shelf life while preventing product contamination.

    With Durapak, you receive a customised skin packaging solution tailored to your specific production needs. Our experts advise on the right machine model, film selection, workflow setup, and throughput requirements for your application. Contact us to discuss how skin packaging can benefit your products and operational efficiency.


    What are the key features of the Durapak skin packaging machine?

    The machine offers precision engineering, advanced technology for an efficient packaging process, high levels of efficiency through rapid and precise packaging and versatility for diverse applications across industries.

    How efficient is the Durapak skin packaging machine?

    The Durapak machine is highly efficient, featuring advanced capabilities that guarantee a rapid and precise packaging process. This saves valuable time for business operations.

    What industries can use the Durapak skin packaging machine?

    The versatile Durapak machine can be used across industries like food, electronics, and retail. It seamlessly adapts to diverse applications.