Air Void Fill Bubble
Air Void Fill Bubble

wraps fragile products in AIR void fill Bubble air cushions ensures protection on all sides of the object. The products are padded and cannot be scratched. The on demand solution is an efficient alternative to conventional air pad film or pre-inflated bubble wrap.

Product Description

AIR void fill Bubble offers product protection at the push of a button. The smart tear off quality perforation lets you quickly tear the material off without looking for the perforation. One single section has a length of just 85 mm. This makes the protective packaging for small products significantly more material and volume efficient than the market standard of 250 mm. A compact device with the film roll replaces the large and cumbersome bubble wrap, saving both storage space and reducing the handling costs. Compared to conventional bubble wrap, AIR void fill Bubble also offers advantages for the end user. With one cut, the air escapes the air cushions, leaving only a small amount of film for disposal or recycling. The AIR void fill Bubble is one of the most low cost solutions on the market.

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