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    Automatic Sleeve Wrapping Machine

    Automatic sleeve sealing machine with shrink tunnel is designed for packing single product or combined products without tray. the equipment can be connected with the production line to complete feeding, film wrapping, sealing & cutting, shrinking and cooling automatically. There are various packing modes available. For combined object, the bottle quantity can be 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 20 or 24 etc.

    Product Description


    1. Automatic sleeve sealing machine is designed based on advanced technology and artwork introduced from abroad to ensure stability and reliability of equipment.
    2. Adopt Mitsubishi PLC to achieve light, mechanical, electrical and instrumental integration.
    3. The conveying belt can be set for left feed-in or right feed-in as required.
    4. Adopt specially-designed sealing cutter for perfect sealing without cracking or film sticked to the cutter; the conveying belt is made from “LFPOM”, characterized by toughness.
    5. The machine can pack 2, 3 or 4 rows of bottles with or without tray. Only need to turn the switchover switch on the panel when you wants to change the packing mode.
    6. Adopt the worm gear reducer, which ensures the stable conveying and film feeding.
    7. Choose vibrant feeding device according to the shape of bottle.
    8. For packing colored films, the machine needs to be equipped with the whole set of photocell detection device in order to ensure accurate positioning.
    9. Module type design, quick changeover.
    10. Adopt double blowing motors to guarantee even heat inside the tunnel, which leads to good appearance of package after shrinking.
    11. The adjustable hot air guide flow frame inside the tunnel makes it more energy-saving.
    12. Adopt solid steel roller covered with silicone gel pipe, chain conveying, and durable silicone gel.
    13. The cooling system with strong wind blowing ensures the quick cooling and forming of product after shrinking
    14. Adopt stepless conveying speed regulation controlled by transducer.
    15. An aluminum roller table can be connected with the shrink tunnel for loading the products after shrinking.