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    Automac Dual

    Automac Dual is the wrapping machine characterized by double reel, reliability and high productivity (up to 40 ppm, with parameter adjustable according to specific requests of the production) of the FABBRI HYBRID range, which introduces for the first time in the packaging world a new packaging standard based on:

    Product Description


    Packaging sustainability and versatility: Automac Dual is able to use any type of tray (plastic, bioplastic, cardboard, wood pulp, cellulose pulp…) and extensible film (traditional films, biobased films, compostable films, in neutral or printed form), combining them with traditional or compostable labels

    Savings: Automac Dual has been designed to maximize savings even in terms of energy consumption, machine wear and need for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance
    Production quality: through specific accessories, Automac Dual is optimized to guarantee the best wrapping quality and the best production performance

    Connectivity: Automac Dual can easily connect to factory ERP and MES systems
    Industry 4.0: Automac Dual meets all the requirements of the “Industry 4.0” standard