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    Automatic with Flap Folding


    • Auto top flaps folding, box sealing top and bottom at the same time, simple to operate, durability and run good performance.
    • New tape head incorporating a V shaped plate (patented) designed to keep the tape straight and position for consistent sealing of every carton.
    • Driven by two side belts, each has a separate drive mechanism special using universal bearing bracket. This way can provide higher precision, lower noise and also lengthen belt’s life.
    • Tape overlap length can be adjusted from 55-65mm.

    Product Description


    • Power saving function (Auto-stop in 60 Sec)
    • Emergency stop button.
    • Tape overlap length can be adjusted from 70 ± 5mm and 95 ± 5mm can be provided on request.
    • Detection for no tape, sealing failure, tape not cut off
    • Safety Fence.
    • Extension Roller table
    Power 3 Phase, 220/380/415/440V
    OPP 2″/ 3″( Please advise when ordering)
    Sealing Size L 300~500 x W200~500 x H160~500mm (2″)
    L 300~500 x W225~500 x H160~500mm (3″)
    Capacity 5 boxes/min. For box length 300mm (Belt speed 20 M/min)
    Net Weight 330Kgs
    Machine Size  L2086 x W1139 x H1672~1932 mm