Carton Erector PW-563P

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    Carton Erector PW-563P


    PW-563P is designed to improve your packaging process, by reducing the overall tasks given to a packaging operator. With the consistancy of the process, you can ensure the packages are well packaged.

    To operate, an operator will initially feed an open box into the machine, it wil then folds up the base flaps, without damaging the box, now the operator can load it with products, then press a push button to release the push-device to move the product to a carton sealer.

    Product Description


    Air Supply 6 kgf/cm2

    85.3 lb/in2

    MIN. Folding Size


    250 x 200 x 100  (mm)

    9.8 x 7.9 x 3.9 (in)

    MAX. Folding Size


    500 x 400 x 500 (mm)

    19.7 x 15.7 x 19.7 (in)

    Working Height 671~871 (mm)

    26.4~34.2 (in)

    Loading Weight 20 (kg)

    44 (lb)

    Net Weight 194 (kg)


    Machine Size


    1117 x 862 x 1106~1306 (mm)

    43.9×33.9×43.5~51.4 (inch)


    Mechanical Aspect:

    • P: Pneumatic Push Device
    • Fully pneumatic driven: No need for electric plug,
    • Adjustable working table height,
    • Operation Infeed position: Left to right or right to left.


    Special Needs:

    • Stainless steel structure SUS#304

    System Aspect:

    • Could combine with carton sealer, extension roller table or conveyor to increase efficiency.