Carton Erectors PW-548ERSCH

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    Carton Erectors PW-548ERSCH


    ERSCH: Horizontal Carton Erector With Hot-Melt Adhesive Injection

    Product Description


    Power Supply 3 Phase, 220/380/415/440V
    Air supply 6kgf/cm (137.64L/min.)

    85.3 (lb/in2)

    Hot Melt Adhesive Injection machine Nordson M9 Series
    MIN. Sealing Size


    192 x 127 x 132 (mm)

    7.6 x 5 x 5.2 (in)

    MAX. Sealing Size


    340 x 255 x 272 (mm)

    13.4 x 10 x 10.7 (in)

    Magazine Load

    Size Range

    Height ≤ 775 (mm) 30.5 (in)

    *Volume depends on actual carton thickness.

    Working Table Height 1000 (mm)

    39.37 (in)

    Capacity Up to 20 boxes/min.

    *Depends on box quality and size

    Machine Size


    2502 x 2359 x 1547 (mm)

    98.5 x 92.87 x 60.9 (in)


    Mechatronic Aspect:

    • HMI Panel,
    • PLC Control,
    • Safety door switches,
    • Aluminum frame with Acrylic board safety doors,
    • Nordson M9 Series (hotmelt adhesive injection machine),
    • Conveyor speed 25m/s,
    • OMRON, SICK sensors.

    Mechanical Aspect:

    • Manual Adjustment for different carton sizes,
    • Hotmelt adhesive injection machine joint locked with ERSCH.