Cling Wrapping High Speed Fully Automatic

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    Cling Wrapping High Speed Fully Automatic

    The industrial technology is the answer to industrial packers and hypermarkets needs, that is to all the applications where the productivity is an essential requirement.

    The industrial series machines are very much appreciated for their reliability in extreme operating conditions. The excellent performances provided and the remarkable lay-out flexibility make them the ideal solution for stretch wrapping of trays containing fresh foods such as: meat, poultry, produce, cheese, fish and other products like bakery, confectionery and pizza.

    Product Description

    Features and strength points

    • Productivity from 28 to 62 packs/minute
    • Wrapping mainly with tray
    • Fit for the use of printed films and printed film centering devices

    Available Models

    1 55Piu
    2 33
    3 38
    4 45
    5 31