L sealer and Tunnel
Shrink Wrapping Machine
Strapping Machine
Carton Taping Machine
  • Top & Bottom Seal | Uniform Carton Sizes
  • Top & Bottom Seal | Random Carton Sizes
  • Flap-Folding | Uniform Carton Sizes
  • Flap-Folding | Random Carton Sizes
  • Side-Seal | Uniform Carton Sizes
  • Side-Seal | Random Carton Sizes
  • Edge-Seal | Uniform Carton Sizes
  • Edge-Seal | Random Carton Sizes
  • PACKWAY | Tape Sealing Heads
Case Errectors
  • Carton Flap Folding | Pack Station
  • Vertical style | Automatic | Tape Seal
  • Custom Made | Horizontal Style | Tape |
  • Stapler | Hot Melt Adhesive Injection
Skin Packaging
Protective Packaging

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    L sealer and Tunnel

    We offer semi-automatic shrink wrapping machines and tunnels. This is apply to all companies where packing flexibility, product quality and limited investment are fundamental parameters.

    Product Description

    Technically and aesthetically updated in recent times, the modular series can offer excellent performances with any kind of packing material (polythene too) thanks to the self-regulating electronically controlled temperature sealing system and the most advanced safety systems. The possibility of an automatic or semiautomatic operation in combination with the possibility of customizing the 6 programs make modular a user-friendly and high-output machine, also thanks to the built-in (standard) film rewinder and the possibility of perfectly interfacing with the new tunnel 50 and tunnel 70.