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    LARI/3 pn-VG

    LARI/3 pn-VG is the semi-automatic tray-sealing machine of the CAVECO brand, which offers extreme flexibility and operational simplicity.

    Thanks to its compact dimensions, it can be used in packaging centers of all sizes, in supermarkets and retail stores such as butcher’s stores or fish shops that want to pack in compliance with the best quality and production standards.

    Product Description


    LARI/3 pn-VG is suitable for packaging food products in trays or skinpads in any material, for closure in modified or protective atmosphere (MAP/ATP), tray-sealing or skin-sealing, with manual or automatic cutting.

    The use of the machine is very easy: the operator inserts the trays in the dedicated trolley, moves it under the mould and waits for the MAP or skin packaging to be carried out. He can then withdraw the trolley and take out the packs.

    The touch-screen monitor facilitates the control and management of the packaging machine.