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    Pneumatic Strapping Tools


    • Powerful tension, Maxi.350Kgs (3500N) for heavy duty plastic strapping jobs.
    • Automatic tension , friction-weld and cut, no metal seals required.
    • Air pressure manometer for on-site air supply monitoring.
    • Adjustable tension force & sealing time for various strap specifications.
    • Much smaller air hose at 1/4” I.D. for flexible operation without hose tangling.
    • Alloyed Magnesium Aluminum mechanism ensures light weight and durable structure.
    • Patented single motor structure reduces weight and lower maintenance cost.
    • Modularized structure and reliable mechanism for easy and low cost maintenance.
    • Ergonomic design and excellent weight distribution to reduce hand fatigue
    • Built-in safety device for tension setting and prevent from scratching or breaking the strap.
    • Easy “One-Step” straps inserting.
    • User self-adjustable front & rear strap width guiders to assure perfect strap alignment.
    • User changeable strap cutting blade and other wearing parts.
    • Optional hanger to reduce operation fatigue.

    Product Description


    • Sealing time adjustment range : approximately 0-4.0 seconds.
    • Air hose requirement: minimum 1/4” I.D. (Coupling, mountings and fittings must not fall below this )
    • Air pressure requirement: minimum 6 bar ( 6 kg/cm² /87 PSI) up to 7 bar ( 7kg/cm² /101.5 PSI).


    • Air consumption, tension, sealing performances vary based on strap specification, quality, air pressure,set tensioning, sealing time and operation habit.
    • Model number reference

    • Strap width number 6: 12~16mm (1/2”~5/8”), strap width number 9: 16 & 19mm (5/8 “-& 3/4”).
    • If PP strap under 0.75mm thickness is adopted, please reduce tension force. In result, tension speed will be slowed down proportionally by reduced air flow.
    • Max. Strap thickness 1.27mm ( 0.05”) is allowed. However, a changeover of blade ( part no. 2885) is required.