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    PP Woven Dunnage Bags

    • AAR approved, quality guaranteed
    • Patented valve available for faster inflating
    • Different material available
    • Custom sizes available
    • 100% Recyclable and Environmentally Friendly
    • Manufacture under ISO9001 certified conditions
    • Competitive price
    • Logo print available

    Product Description

    PP Woven Dunnage Bags are inserted into void spaces inside containers, rail cars or trucks. Once inserted, they are inflated with compressed air to the recommended level. This inflation serves to gently push the load away from itself, wedging it against other pallets or the outside walls of the container. This creates a solid brace, stabilising the load and preventing any future movement, thus greatly reducing the risk of damage during transit.

    Level1, AAR approve, used for truck load and sea container

    Working Pressure(Lv1):0.2bar


    • Outer bag:polywoven(PPwoven)
    • Inner bag:PA film


    • AAR,ISO9001,ROHS(by SGS),

    1.Table above are some of our common sizes,welcome customized.
    2.Need higher working pressure,such as 0.4bar or higher,please contact us to customized.

    Perfect impermeability can keep air dunnage bags at least 1-2 years no airleak.

    Air dunnage bags ISO 9001 quality certificate and SGS Certificate passed,New valve patent.