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    Pre-Stretch Film

    Durastretch pre stretch films are new concept developed for customer’s benefit where we bring down the consumption of stretch film to 50% with our pre stretch films with unique strength and lesser weight our pre stretch films are widely preferred and appreciated with customers who normally use 23 micron normal grade film.

    PreStretch is strong, consistent and stable at a minimum effort of worker. The cost of consumables is drastically reduced while increasing film coverage.

    Product Description

    Performance Features

    • Cost Effective
    • Ultimate Performance
    • Stiff Film
    • User Friendly
    • Economical Transportation / Shelf Pace
    • Environmental Friendly
    • Excellent Optic

    Cost and Time Effective

    • 50% less film consumption.
    • Longer length with the same reel weight due to its low thickness.
    • Less time and effort to wrap a load.
    • Less waste to clear and dispose.
    • Presents minimum neck down while being applied.

    User Friendly
    50% lighter weight. Woman is able to wrap load easily. Less back strain.

    Environmental and Economical
    Less film, less waste.

    Thickness Available :
    08 micron to 12 micron