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    Reel Wrapping

    Durapak Reel Wrapper is a machine designed for packing rolls of paper, non-woven fabrics, film and similar products made in rolls. It is ideal for reel axial wrapping-across the cylindrical diameter then along the longitudinal axis. Durapak is the ideal wrapper for reel type products to achieve dust and moisture proof and enhanced packing effects for transport and storage. Options: pneumatic reel ejection system, or fully automatic conveyorized reel wrapper.

    Product Description


    • Powered pre-stretch film carriage, ratio 250%.
    • Automatic wrapping according to pre-set parameters. Friendly user interface for setting wrap cycles and film tension.
    • Auto height detection, turntable home position, forklift sockets for easy moving.
    • Roller speed variable through an inverter.
    • Dual limit switches on top & bottom to provide better safety protections.
    Wrapping size L(500-1500)mm, W(500-1600)mm.
    Packing Speed 20-40 per hour.
    Loading Weight 2000kg.
    Turntable Speed 0-150rpm, speed variable, turntable soft start & soft sotp
    Carriage Speed 3m/min.
    Working Mode automatic
    Power 3PH280VAC, 50/60Hz,20A, 3.4Kw.