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    Side Seal Shrink Wrapping Machine

    Poor shrink package quality is often the result of non-intuitive mechanical adjustments, dependence on precise time, speed and temperature control and changes in seal quality due to dirt and/or film build-up. Durapak shrink wrappers are designed to address all of these issues and more. durapak revolutionary high speed shrink wrappers eliminate many of the common shrink wrapping problems that result in poor package quality.

    Durapak FP series high speed shrink wrappers will significantly improve productivity levels by reducing rework as a result of poor package quality and reduce downtime due to time consuming change-overs.

    Product Description


    • Longitudinal intermittent sealing system
    • Transversal sealing bar with PTFE-coated sealing blade
    • Flexmode® control system equipped with:
      • Operator Interface with Panel PC and 7” full-colour touch screen display Alphanumeric LCD control panel
      • 32-bit microprocessor
      • Power and control section consisting of:
        • Inverters for each motor
        • IN/OUT control modules with 16 digital inputs/outputs
        • analog inputs control modules
        • thermocouple-reading control modules
      • This system is able to check all operations, simply and precisely, such as:
        • automatic checking of transversal bar height
        • dual sealing temperature adjustment, both for the longitudinal and the transversal sealer
        • sealing time adjustment
        • possibility of packaging individual packs or groups of products
        • electronically controlled conveyor belt speed
        • process statistics
        • pack counter
        • pack length detection
        • instantaneous production
        • machine efficiency
        • detection of faulty packs
    • Film that can be used: Polyolefin and Polyethylene up to 30 my
    • Reduced power consumption
    • Compliance with CE regulations