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    High productivity and ease of use are the main features of TopLid, Gruppo Fabbri’s ultra-compact automatic tray-sealing machine.

    This machine guarantees the packaging of all types of fresh and very fresh food products; in particular, meat packaging is made easier thanks to its typical patented gas exchange process.

    Product Description


    TopLid stands out for its easy format changeover due to the development of an extremely light and handy punching for the operator.

    TopLid is available in the standard version, with the typical transparent blue carter, or also in the full-inox version, ideal for the most demanding working environments in terms of production cadence and climatic conditions.

    Hypermarkets, packaging centers and industry are the ideal final destinations for this heat-sealing machine made by Gruppo Fabbri.

    TopLid is manufactured in full compliance with EU Directive 2006/42/EC, as attested by the independent certification body MTIC INTERCERT, voluntarily involved by Gruppo Fabbri in order to ensure with maximum transparency the safety of its traysealers.