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    Vacuum Films

    Vacuum packing is a method of storing food which can extend its life by up to five times. The packaging creates an airless environment to prevent food from spoiling.

    Product Description

    This is achieved by:

    • Preventing the growth of microorganisms
    • Removing atmospheric oxygen
    • Limiting the growth of aerobic bacteria or fungi
    • Preventing the evaporation of volatile components

    We offer a comprehensive range of over 100 sizes of vacuum pouches, with features including:

    • Various gauges / microns
    • Tinted materials
    • Tubular pouches
    • Boilable ‘Sous Vide’ pouches
    • High puncture resistance bone guard pouches
    • Gold back

    Uses and Applications

    Long term storage of dry foods: Nuts, cereals, cured meats, cheese, smoked fish, coffee, crisps.

    Short term storage of fresh foods: Vegetables, meats, liquids i.e. soups

    Frozen foods: Vacuum pouches prevent freezer burn by shielding food from exposure to the cold, dry air. Freezer burn occurs when the surface of frozen food becomes dehydrated, leading to a leathery appearance and an impaired flavour.