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ROTOWRAP is the ideal solution for wrapping stretch film around particularly unstable products. Holding the pallet still and stabilizing the product using a rotating arm is a common necessity for many industries. The ROTOWRAP family offers superior-quality products for end-of-line packing technology with machines of excellent design and manufacture that provide fast and efficient pallet wrapping.


ROTOWRAP C – Rotating Arm Stretch Wrapping Machine
Carriages FR: Film stretch with electro-mechanical brake
PDS: Double pre-stretch system
Machine Characteristics
Arm rotation speed: 4÷12 rpm
Upward/downward carriage speed 1,6 ÷ 4,4 m/min
Power supply voltage 230 Volt 1 Ph – 50/60 Hz
Installed power (Rotowrap C – FR) 1,5 Kw
Installed power (Rotowrap C – PDS) 1,9 Kw
Machine’s height 3200 mm
Machine’s weight (Rotowrap C – FR) 730 Kg
Machine’s weight (Rotowrap C – PDS) 750 Kg
Characteristics of the product to be wrapped
Maximum dimensions (LxW) 1000 x 1200 mm
Maximum useful height: 2200 mm
Film spool characteristics
Max. external diameter (D): 300 mm
Film spool height (h): 500 mm
Film thickness: 17-35 µm
Internal diameter (d): 76 mm
Max. weight: 20 kg

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